Sock help please

I have lattering on each join on my socks, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m using dpns, I didn’t notice any lattering o the mittens I did with dpns. WHat could I be doing wrong?

It could just be the yarn. I knit the first stitch of the round through the back loop to help make that stitch tighter.

Would different types of yarn do it? I have made 3 pairs all different yarn and I have it in all. I’ll trying knitting the back loop and see if that helps

It’s actually quite common in small diameter knitting. It’s caused by the difference in tension between two dpns. Tightening up the first two stitches on each needle may help, but doesn’t always. The ladders will wash themselves out after a few launderings.

Another thing you can do (and I hope I’m able to describe this clearly)…when you reach the end of your first needle of stitches, before taking your empty needle to start working the next set of stitches, use the same needle you just knitted onto and knit the first two stitches of the next needle. Now, take your empty needle and continue on. Do this at the start of each ‘join’, making sure you have a marker placed at the beginning of the round (because with this technique your beginning of round will shift), and you should be able to avoid ladders because your ‘joins’ will be rotating around the sock.

Make sense?