Sock Help Needed

For some reason, I cannot figure out why my sock pattern tells me to “cut” yarn… :?? :shock:

It is the Moda Dea Sock Pattern here…

Since I’ve not made socks that tell me to cut the yarn I am very reluctant to do it! Yikes!

Anyone got advise for me???!!



Usually when a pattern tells you to cut the yarn, it’s usually because you won’t be needing to use it again from that particular part of the knitting. You’ll need to attach it and continue from somewhere else.

Thanks Ingrid…

I feel so nervous to do that ! Yikes!

I’ll post a pic when it’s done so we can all celebrate or cry together!


Make sure that you leave at least a 6" tail when you cut!!

KK – I knew you would be there for me!

Thanks ! I am going to get up the nerve! I swear I am!

Hold on folks, I am going to take a deep breath and go for it!

It’s okay, really it is! I was scared at first too, but it’s really not hard to weave in the ends and add more yarn.