Sock help needed please

This is my first sock that im trying to make i had to take it apart twice it’s Turning the heel that i’m having a hard time doing . Do i purl 12 stitches then purl 2 stiches together then purl one more??

Row 1:

With your empty working needle, purl to 2 stitches beyond center. (purl 18 14 12 stitches.)
Next, purl 2 stitches together as one (see pic and instructions below).
Purl one more stitch and turn your work… (yes, even though you havent purled all the stitches on your needle.)

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until all stitches are worked, ending with a knit row. Each time you work a row, you are working more stitches that the row before. Continue until all stiches are worked, when the last two stitches (on both sides) are knit or purled together.

do i just keep repeating rows 3 and 4 til i have 12 stitches left on the first needle.

You’re doing a short row heel.

Have you watched Amy’s video on turning the heel here? it’s under Advanced Techniques if you’re a more visual learner.

So, you’re going to purl to the middle, then 2 more, so if you’re using the last numbers in ( ) you’ll knit 12 stitches, THEN purl 2 together, purl one more stitch, then turn, EVEN THOUGH you haven’t knit all the stitches off the left needle yet.

Then, you keep repeating these rows until you get to a point where you are working all of the stitches off the left needle, and thats when the short row heel is done!

Thank you for a quick reply ok so there is 20 stitches then i would purl 9 then purl 2 then purl 1 more to make it 12 right?. I’m left handed also so i would work all the stitches on the right needle. just want to make sure i understand it right.

Not quite. If there are 20 sts, then purling 10 would be purling to the middle. Then purl 2 more. Now purl the NEXT two stitches together as one - so after that you have “used up” 14 of the stitches. Purl one more (15 stitches “used up”) and turn the work even with 5 stitches not yet worked.

Silver’s sock tutorial really is great! I have found, though, sometimes I think too much about the knitting, and when I stop trying to think it through, and just pick up the needles and try it, it makes more sense. And worse case scenario, you just tink back a bit and try again!

I think you’ve already gotten more specific help, but I just wanted to offer some encouragement:

I turned my first heel ever last week on my frist sock, so I am right there with you! I am a visual learner, so I followed the instructions on my pattern blindly without really understanding what I was doing… let me see if I can kind of describe it to you (maybe it will help). With a short row heel, you basically start by knitting to the middle-ish area and then go back along the row. Each time you knit towards the middle, you work and additional stitch or two towards the opposite edge. Basically, you are working in a way that will “fan” your working stitches out until you have made the heel as big as it needs to be.

If this confuses you more–just ignore me. :slight_smile:

Thank you to the both of you , the both of you were very very helpful and now i have a heel and know how to do it. i watched a few videos including Amy’s and was able to figure it out. I look forward to having my first pair of socks done! :slight_smile: