Sock help heel problems with magic loop


I’m a fairly new knitter and I really want to knit my own socks. I finished a pair (knitting both socks st the same time on magic loop VERY brave for me!).

I know I’m going to have to do a bit of trial and error to get the exact fit I want but my real problem is the heels. One side on each sock has holes. I don’t know what I did (but at least I was consistent). I’ll admit I didn’t really GET the “wrapping” part of the pattern when turning the heel.

When I read patterns for DPN it seems more straight-forward but I don’t know how to convert that pattern to work with magic loop. I admit that DPN intimidate me which is why I tried the magic loop.

Any advice? Can I get a nice heel with magic loop? Does anyone have a formula to convert DPN pattern to magic loop?

There is no formula for converting dpns to magic loop. They are just two methods to arrive at the same results. This is why you will see very few patterns actually written for magic loop. Any sock pattern can be used for any method of small circular knitting (magic loop, 2 circs, dpns).

When you say that you have holes on one side of the heel, do you mean along the edge where you picked up stitches??

If so, I used to have that problem too until I experimented a bit with how I was slipping stitches for the heel flap. What works for me now, and I don’t get holes on either side anymore, is this:

The first stitch of every row is slipped, but what the next stitch on the needle is going to be determines how the stitch is slipped. If the second stitch on the needle is a purl, you will slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in front. If the second stitch on the needle is to be a knit, you will slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in back. Then on every row you will knit the last stitch. The two slipped stitch edges will NOT look the same - one will look like a braided chain and one will look more like little knots with strands between (hard to describe) but once I started slipping stitches like this I’ve had no more holes down the edges of the heel flap and when all is said and done, both sides look the same.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much for the help.

I think you have cleared something up for me:

The patterns where you “pick up” stitches make sense to me (I think) but the magic loop pattern I have has “wrapping” going on where stitches would be picked up. (I think this is refered to as a “gusset”?). It didn’t occur to me that I could pick up stitches when using the magic loop. (Lots of things don’t occur to me until pointed out by others.)

I’m still learning something new everyday in my knitting and loving it.

This forum has been a great source of knowledge for me.

Could it be that the pattern you are working uses a short row heel vs. a heel that uses a heel flap?? The term ‘wrapping’ is usually used regarding making short rows.

Yes, it did call for short rows. I don’t know the difference between that and a flap. I’m a visual thinker so I struggle with some of this. That is why I love the videos on this site.

Can you do a heel flap with magic loop?

Yes, you can. Like I said, magic loop is just another method. You can do anything with magic loop that you can do with dpns.