Sock help-first finished sock!

I’m trying to make my first pair of socks. They will be for my son. They are toddler size socks. The sock pattern is located at I’m using the Toddler Socks pattern it is a Pdf file.
What I don’t understand is I want to use dpn for my socks but would like to know how to start with the dpn for this pattern. She used the magic loop for socks on the pattern. When she says to cast on 32 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist. Does she mean for me to divide the sts. up between the dpn needles at that point :?? Then I will continue with the ribbing. Sorry I sound like a dumb dumb here :oops:

Then she says K1 round. Heel is worked back and forth on 16 sts. I need help with that :?? . I can’t picture it in my head yet. Maybe when I start knitting it will come altogether in my mind :lol:

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Hey Shelly
You are right…cast on and divide the sts evenly on the dpns; and do be careful here bc it’s easy to twist. Are u using 4 or 5 dpns? I normally use 5 and have 4 on the sock, personal preference.
Okay, when you get to the heel you are to put 1/2 of the sts on a st. holder (or they can rest on the dpns, as long as they r secure so they don’t fall off), these sts are for the instep (the front or top of the foot).
The other 16 sts will be placed on 1 dpn, now u r going to work back and forth as in regular knitting. I’m going to link Silver’s tutorial to you and it should help you a lot. BUT, don’t hesitate with any questions that you have, ok?!

Relax, and have FUN :wink:

Hi Rebecca :smiley: your so nice! Thanks for the boost! I quess I do need to relax a bit :wink: I’m just a little nervous being the first time knitting socks. It’s like I’m wallking in a dark room :lol: I’m using 4 dpns. You were so helpful explaning it for me and thanks for the link :thumbsup:

Thanks Rebecca,

Oh Rebecca you made me a very happy girl :cheering: that’s a great link you gave me. I just checked it out. That’s just what I needed! Great pics on there :smiley:

Thanks again,

You are certainly welcome! I want you to know that (as I am sitting up very straight and proudly) that tutorial link that I sent you to is from our very own Silver!! She’s one of the moderators here; also a sweetheart and super sock knitter :wink:

Thank you sweetie!

U bet, my friend…would not have said it were it not so :wink:
Silver, I wasn’t able to see the picture…what is it? I must know…u know I’m too nosey…lol!

Oh… it’s just a blushing smiley :slight_smile:

I wonder why it didn’t show up?! Oh well…computer ghosties…

Silver thanks for making the sock tutorial!! :cheering: :cheering: You go girl with your bad self !!:thumbsup:

While I am working my way up to socks on dpn, I first thought I better figure out dpns.
For those just starting like me, learning socks and dpns at the same time can be a bit daunting.
I found this pattern wonderful to actually get a handle of dpns and end up with a pair of socks/slippers (depending on what yarn you use).

Thought Id share since it has helped me a lot and I am almost ready to try shaped socks!! :slight_smile:


I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to turn the heel with this pattern.

This is what the pattern says:

Row:1 K8 sts, k2tog tbl, k1, turn
Row:2 Sl 1,pl, p2tog,p1, turn
Row:3 Sl 1, k2, k2tog tbl, k1, turn
Row:4 Sl 1, p3, p2tog, p1, turn
Continue in this pattern, increasing 1 st after slipped st until all side sts have been used.

I did the above rows 123 and 4, but am wondering if I should repeat the rows 3 and 4 again? I’m not understanding about turning the heel.


Nope - on the next rows, you will

Sl 1, p4, p2tog, p1, turn
Sl 1, k5, k2togtbl, k1, turn

Youi are increasing one st until all the “extra” sts have been “eaten”.

Hi KellyK :smiley: , I sure could not figure it out :??

“extra” sts have been “eaten”.
I like the way you said that! :thumbsup:

Thanks for your help,

Quietheart thank you for posting the link for the socks! :smiley: Maybe I will try those one day!


I’m now on the gusset decrease. The pattern above that I have the link on says:

Round 1: Instep sts: Knit/heel sts. : K1,K2tog tbl, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1

What I would like to know is what does Instep sts.: Knit/Heel sts. mean?
Do they want me to work on the heel or the instep :??
Sorry I’m just a little confused with this :thinking:

Thanks again,

It means for the instep stitches, knit them all. For the heel stitches, k1, k2tog tbl, k to last 3, k2tog, k1. The instep is the part of the sock that goes over the top of your foot. :slight_smile:

Silver thank you! :cheering: :cheering: It was right in my face but I could not understand it. I sure would be not knitting a sock. Without the help of all the nice ladies who have helped me along the way with making my first sock!

Silver thanks again, your such a sweetheart :thumbsup:

Just wanted to share a pic of the finished Toddler sock!
Still working on the twin to match :smiley: Thanks ladies for your help :smiley: I started knitting in April this year and I could not have done it without all of your help here. :cheering: