Sock heels

Hello! I’m new to KnittingHelp forum, and am a young knitter who simply loves my new hobby!

I’m working on my first pair of socks, and am having a bit of trouble interpreting the pattern directions. (I have attached it in PDF format.)

The pattern starts at the top of the sock and works its way down using DPN’s. I’ve gotten up to the “Divide for the Heel” point, where the directions say to…

"DIVIDE FOR HEEL: K13 from 1st needle. Slip last 4 sts from 1st needle onto beg of 2nd needle. Slip last 13 sts from 3rd needle onto beg of 1st needle. 26 sts for heel are now on 1st needle. Divide rem 26 sts onto 2 needles and leave for instep.

MAKE HEEL: 1st Row: (WS) Sl1P. Purl to end of row.
2nd row: *Sl1P. K1. Rep from * to end of row.
Rep last 2 rows until Heel flap measures 2 1/2 inches, ending with a WS row."

When it says 1st row, are they talking about ALL the stitches, all the way around the three needles, back to the stitch marker at the beginning of the round? Or, is it simply all the stitches on the first needle? In other words: does a row mean the stitches on one particular needle, or the total number of stitches all the way around?

One more question…am I working flat on the wrong side? I read something that talked about working only on the wrong side for knitting sock heels, but I have no idea what that entails. Can anyone clue me in? :shrug:

Thank you in advance!!!

Hi and welcome!
After you get the stitches onto the correct needles with 26sts on the first needle, you’ll knit back and forth on these 26 heel sts for awhile until the heel is finished. You’ll be knitting across, turning at the end of the needle and working back across those same sts. The heel is worked back and forth like flat knitting. Often the top and instep are worked in rounds (although not always).

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help and knitting socks. Socks can be great fun. You’re working only on the heel stitches at this point. You’ll get back to all the other stitches later on.

Thank you both!!! Your explanations were very helpful.

God bless!
KG :wink:

Back again! :aww:

I’m getting ready to “Shape Instep” for my socks. The pattern reads…

“SHAPE INSTEP (RS): Pick up and knit 12 sts along left side of Heel. K26 for instep. Pick up and knit 12 sts along right side of Heel. Knit first 7 sts from heel onto end of 3rd needle. 64 sts are now divided as (19, 26, 19) sts.”

Can someone explain this a little for me? I worked back and forth on the single needle (for shaping the heel) like Salmonmac and GrumpyGramma said. That section is, of course, longer than the rest. Does “picking up” the 12 stitches along the left side of the heel mean that I will knit into the sides of the stitches on the left edge of the longer heel section (the one I’ve been knitting on)? And if so, am I correct in assuming I “spread” the stitches out, picking up a total of 12 mostly evenly spaced? I vaguely remember doing something like that on a baby cardigan I made a while back.

I hope all that makes sense (and that I can remember how to do this again when it’s time to make the match for this sock)!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again,

I think Sandy Davis’s video Bernat Ankle Socks: Shaping Instep is where you’re at. She picks up stitches in this video. I wish I’d thought of these videos sooner, you might find them very helpful.

Yes, you’re picking up in the sides of the stitches that make up the heel rows and yes, spread the stitches out and pick up about one in each row of the heel. There’re also videos here for socks and for picking up stitches that may help. The gusset, which is where you are on the sock comes up about halfway along the video on the socks.

Thank you SOOOO much, Grumpy Gramma! Those videos are exactly what I needed. I’ve gotten past the heel (thanks to Sandy Davis’ tutorials), and am working on the instep. I am very, very grateful!

For being Grumpy Gramma, you don’t seem ‘grumpy’ to me! :stuck_out_tongue: