Sock heel

Has anyone ever knit a heel flap in seed st? Is it comfortable when you have shoes on? I’m about to start some socks that call for that, but it almost seems as though that’s too much texture for a heel. It’s knit on us1 needles. Any thoughts?


Yes - don’t. Seed stitch is a textured stitch. Heels rub up-and-down as they move within a shoe. Normal heel stitch creates extra inforcement for the up-and-down motion.

Seed stitch would create resistance. Read, blisters.

Hope this helps,

That’s what I was thinking. Would it throw off the pattern if I knit the flap in a more common heel stitch, since the flap is knit separately? (I’m not up on my sock architecture quite yet.)

And by the way, when you say “normal heel stitch,” what exactly are you referring to? I’ve seen various types of common heel stitch patterns, but have never heard of the “normal” one.


“Normal” heel stitch:
[right side] sl 1, knit 1 - repeat across row, end with knit 1.
[wrong side] sl 1, purl across.

repeat the above 2 rows until the length specified in pattern.

This is the heel I’ve always used too, but often it feels a little bulky to me when I put on a shoe. I wanted to see if anyone has tried a stockinette stitch heel. It seems like it would be smoother and less bulky, but I wonder if is comfortable and if it wears well???