Sock Heel Turn Pattern Question

I’m having problems turning the heel for a toe up socks from a pattern. Before the heel turn I knitted (per the pattern) the heel flap and have 19 stitches on the needle with markers between sts 4-5 and 15-16. There are 11 sts between the markers. The text for the heel turn follows.

Heel Turn & Picking Up the Gusset
Now, you are going to work only one sock at a time. The other sock can wait on the needle cable.
R1: sl 1 st knitwise, *k, sl 1 st purlwise, repeat from * to SECOND marker, remove marker, ssk, k1. Turn work.
[B]Note: I now have 18 sts and have ssk sts 16-17, knitted st 18, turned the work leaving st 19 on the working needle.[/B]

R2: Sl 1 st purlwise, p to REMAINING MARKER, remove marker, p2tog, p1. Turn work.
[B]Note: I now have 17 sts and have p2tog sts 3-4, purled st 2, turned the work leaving st 1 on the working needle.[/B]

R3: sl 1 st knitwise, work in slip stitch pattern to the st before the gap created by the p2tog in the row below, ssk the st before and the st after the gap together, k1. Turn work.
[B]Note: At this point I’m lost. If i take literally the p2tog from R2 as the gap before the turn, then with st 1 on the working needle and st 2 the st before the gap, then how do I knit across the gap because st 2 is slipped? If I Knit across to the gap created in R1 and knit st 19, then I run out of sts and there is nothing on the working needle after the turn.[/B]

R4: Sl 1 st purlwise, purl to the st before the gap created by the ssk in the row below, p2tog the st before the gap and the st after the gap, p1. Turn work.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have worked across all the sts.
Work one more right side row, in slip stitch pattern. You are now finished with the first heel turn.
[B]Note: haven’t tried R3 and R4 because of confusion.[/B]

What am I doing wrong? Full pattern can be found at

I find the same problem, you simply run out of sts and fast. Do you think you should have more than 19 sts total?
You can modify the pattern so that you ssk or p2tog at 2sts [I]before[/I] the marker and that’ll give you a few more rows before you run out of sts but I’m not sure that that’s the error. I don’t see errata for that part of the pattern on the KP website (there is a revision here). You could email KP and ask about the pattern or perhaps someone else here will be able to help. I’m interested in the answer too.