Sock heel question

Don’t ask my what I was thinking, but I had some leftover yarn and thought I would work up a pair of socks for on of my dd’s with it last night. So I cast on some stitches on dpn’s and just started going. Not thinking too much of a pattern. Just a small ribbed top and plain sock in a different color. Planned on doing the heel and toe alternating. So I got to the heel flap and now I’m stuck. I have 24 stitches for the heel flap and I’m ready to begin my short rows and my mind just can’t wrap around how many stitches to go in to start my pattern. I’ve ripped it out twice because it didn’t look right. And of course I’m thinking to myself, “What would have been so hard about getting up and going and picking up a pattern?” :roflhard: Can someone help me with this? It’s a math thing and it’s got me all confuzzled.

1/2 the # of sts that you have for the heel flap plus one is the formula that I use…so, 13 sts :wink: If you read the info on this episode od Knitty Gritty it will help you a bunch with the heel & other tips :wink:

Thank you! Yes; now I remember. It’s not like I’ve never knit a sock, but for some reason I was trying to do something with thirds and it just wasn’t coming out right :smiley: