Sock Heel Help!

Quick question…I’m doing really good with my sock pattern, but I ran into what appears to be a pattern flaw, but I just wanted a little help to make sure.

Edit:Here’s the pattern. Check “shaping the heel”

I’m working short rows, followed by long rows on the heel. The short rows start on the purl side (btw, knitting on two circs). I’m doing the wrap, then knitting back across and wrapping the last stitch before the last wrap, back and forth until I have (according to the pattern 15-20% of the stitches left)

Then, the problem comes when I’m changing to the long rows. Remember the short rows started on the WS, but it says to start the long rows on the RS. Is that a mistake? Because now I have one more wrapped stitch on the left needle when looking at the RS. (Does that make sense?) I think because it had me start the short rows on the WS and then end on the WS, I’m out of balance. Anyways, how should I even it out, or doesn’t it matter? I already frogged the heel once today, so I’m not trying to do that again!!

Thanks ladies!!


I haven’t knit a short-row heel in ages, but hopefully this bump will draw the attention of someone who has!