Sock heel flap mistake

Hello! I was feeling rather delighted to have knitted a pair of socks for the first time. I’ve given them as a gift and have started the next sock project. In doing so I have realised I made a mistake on the heel flap section by misinterpreting the pattern - I continued stockinette stitch by alternating purl and knit rows (first stitch always slipped). I now realise the pattern asks to alternate ‘slip’ and ‘knit’stitches for the ‘knit’ row to create more of a cushion.

The socks I have gifted look lovely - I just wondered if the wearer will be aware of my error from a ‘wearing’ perspective. For example, will the socks burst at the seems; be awfully uncomfortable; just not last as long? I feel a bit silly but hopefully not too big a mistake?

It’s not a big problem, in my opinion. I’ve only knitted a few pairs of socks but not come across one that created extra cushioning with different stitches. Seems there are almost as many ways to knit socks as there are knitters!

Welcome to KH. Yay! another sock knitter! You did a stockinette heel flap instead of a patterned stitch, no big deal. Lots of heels are made in stockinette. If you don’t tell anyone you didn’t do exactly as the pattern said no one will know. Slip stitch patterns can hold up better under wear but it’s not a rule you must do them.