Sock Frustrated!

I have been learning how to knit socks. I did fine with the first one. And now I am starting on the second one (about a month after a finished the first one). I am about to pull my hair out! I have started and frogged this stupid sock at least 10 times. My instructor/friend started me twice and I somehow seem to screw it up and it ended up frogged!!! I am using 3 dpns with 16 stitches on each one. I am doing a k1p1 ribbing. Whenever I go to count my stitches I seem to be missing one stitch! So I start over again. I think I have a missing sock chromosome or something! And I have all this pretty sock yarn!!! :verysad: :frog:

Aww… I can;t give you any advice, but I can give you a few words of support :thumbsup: Socks seem realy hard… maybe you can try to go to a website and see if you cant get the hang of it that way… :XX:

The best way for me to get through a tough spot like that is to set it aside for a time. Sometimes all I need is a couple of hours, sometimes I’ll do a whole nuther project. I don’t want to end up hating it.
Also when I really am trying to get over a hurdle, I find if I can illiminate as many distractions as possible, it really helps. Quiet as she goes.

Go slow.
Be confident that stitches just don’t disappear, and that if you just counted sixteen there really is sixteen. I’ve even tied bits of scrap between every ten stitches or so on big projects because I found myself counting more than knitting. lol

Perfection is so highly overrated.

I agree, don’t let it frustrate you to the point where you wanna quit knitting. Take a breath, put it down, and work on something else for a little bit. You’ll get the hang of it! Those little stitches can drive you batty after awhile!!! :shock:

I count the stitches on each needle as I finish it. I find my yarn wraps around the needle if I’m not careful.

Lynda M

It’s possible that you’ve dropped a stitch somewhere. I have that happen a lot when I’m working with dpns. If you know you have 16st per needle, then notice one has 15, look down into your knitting to see if one has slipped off.

And as everyone else has said, don’t let your experience scare you from sock-making! This kind of thing happens to all of us! Just take a break for a bit and return to your work. :heart:

I hat a sock doing that to me. The particular stitch pattern had just changed and I knit about 4 rows wrong, tinked it back, re-knit it again, and realized about 2 rows in that I’d don’t with wrong again :doh: .

I tossed it down in disgust and then realized that if I didn’t fix it there (at a knit night with my mom and sister with no other project in tow) I probably wouldn’t want to fix it anywhere!

I’ve knit this pattern on three other sock cuffs, and 2 repeats on this cuff, so I was feeling pretty dumb and aggravated, but stuff like this happens to anybody!

Find a fun and/or mindlessly relaxing project to do in the meantime and save the sock for a time when you’re totally relaxed with nothing else better to do… and maybe armed with a box of chocolates and some tea too :mrgreen:

I hope you can stick with it. Socks become a quick project and so nice to wear. The only thing I can suggest is that when you finish on each needle, be sure to tug the stitches to the centre of that needle before going on to the next. If I forget that, I sometimes will lose a stitch. Hope this helps! :XX: samm

Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I went on a little shopping spree up the road to a yarn store that is going out of business. I thought they would have some great bargains. Well they didn’t. All they had were their novelty yarns and needles on sale. I picked up some more DPNS and a 3 hanks of casade quattro. I will post pics later, now it’s back to housework. Maybe tonight I will try the sock again. :smiley:

:thumbsup: Don’t give up!!

I’m still working on the first sock of a pair of tube socks. It’s my 2nd try because the 1st one had so many mistakes, I was just going to turn it into a wrist warmer. Then realized it was too ugly even for that. But I haven’t given up…just realize that you really need to be focused on the project and which stitch is next when working any ribbing. BTW, DPNs do seem to get easier to manipulate the farther along you get in the project.

Don’t give up!

I’ve never knit with DPNs, but I do know how to knit socks on 2 circs, and can’t imagine I’d want to do it any other way…it’s just so simple, and rarely do I ever drop a stitch!

After a good nights rest and some housework (yeah I know). I sat down last night started my sock over again, this time with no problems. I counted each time as I did the ribbing and no problems! I was very happy with myself! I went to my stash bins and checked out all the sock yarn I have purchased. There is no way I plan on stopping now! Thanks again for the words of encouragement. :cheering: Here is a picture of my sock yarn stash, for your viewing pleasure!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Oooh, there’s a lot of sock knittin’ fun there!!!

that looks awesome and congratulations on your success! I too purchased sock yarn recently–some manly looking yarn for Chrismas socks for dad and dh. Good luck w/ the rest of your socks and kudos for doing it on dpns…it’s the only way I’ve done it too and it isn’t hard once you get the hang of it. Just a tip…dpns come in different lengths–the smaller sizes come in shorter lengths and I prefer them for socks…there is a lot less needle to get in the way.

Yeah, me too, Cristy, about the short needles. I have some teeny ones that I use for socks. They don’t poke my left hand. samm :XX: