Sock for a deformed foot?

My dad requested a pair of socks for Christmas, but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to make one to fit his foot…He’s got one normal foot and one that’s sort of narrower and taller, like the bones all decided to pile on top of each other. He insists it’s not BIGGER than the normal foot, just mishapen. I’m not sure if I should make them out of something stretchy, make that one bigger, or rib it, or what.
Any ideas? :smiley:
I’ll likely be making them out of something worsted weight, since he wants them warm for sleeping in, rather than putting them in shoes.

The way I would find out is to ask someone that he lives with or that takes care of him. They’d probably know whether or not store-bought socks fit him funny or whether they are fine. If you do make him specialized socks, knit the toes of each sock in a different colour so that he knows which sock is for which foot {thanks to whomever it was that had posted about that and gave me that idea!}.

Off-hand, the only thing I can think of that you may want to adjust would be in turning the heel, but that would all depend on his shape compared to his other foot.


He can wear store bought socks, but they’re always a lot more stretched out looking on that foot. He’s got nerve damage in that one, anyway, so even if it stretches out to the realm of “doesn’t feel so nice,” he won’t notice (I hope!). :lol:
Oh, and he doesn’t live with anyone…my brother just joined the Navy and I’m in college. He’s not all old an decrepid yet, though. :smiley: I’m not afraid to ask him about it because I could never manage to knit anything for anyone and actually keep it a surprise. :rollseyes:

I have found the tips on this episode of KNitty Gritty to be invaluable. There are instructions in here about measuring the individual foot, etc. Perhaps it will be helpful for you :thumbsup:

Ohh, thanks, Rebecca!