Sock foot error

I have been knitting socks and was merrily knitting the gusset until I realised I have decreased too many stitches (pattern says 58, I now have 45!).

In a panic I tried to go back and un-knit two gusset decrease stitches knitted together, and accidentally dropped one of them.

I continued knitting but there is now a weird stringy hole in the side and I still haven’t remedied the issue of having too few stitches for the foot. It doesn’t feel very tight but may be too small.

Should I try to unravel right back to where I dropped that stitch, or is it better to keep going and try to fix the hole later?

Any advice is appreciated!

Welcome to KH!
You can always fix the loose, thin stitch later but the sock is so pretty, it’s worth ripping back. When you do that you can also fix the stitch number at the same time. Best not to have socks that are too tight at the foot after all the work involved in knitting them.


Thank you so much for the advice! I did unravel and re-knit and you’re right, it was worth it :grinning:


I’ve knit lots of socks. I can’t tell you how many I’ve had to frog for one mistake or another. I’m very glad you’re happy with your decision. If you figured out what went wrong you’re less likely to have it happen again.


Looking forward to seeing the finished pair!