Sock FO and Ballband

This afternoon I finally finished the first sock of the pair of socks I’m making. It fits perfectly and I watched the kitchener stitch video on KH while I grafted the toes so it is the best toes I’ve ever kitchener stitched together. :woot:Don’t worry, I’ve started the second sock and I’m about 1/2 inch into the cuff of it.

I also started a ballband dishcloth yesterday with SnC in the colors Playtime and Black. It’s pretty spiffy and it’s really easy.

Good girl! Always start the sock mate immediately!

Ooh yeah! Super pretty! Definitely start on the next sock right away, otherwise it’ll just be sitting there for a decade lol. Great job so far:thumbsup:

Very nice! The colors in that sock yarn are so pretty!

I also like the colors in your dishcloth, too. Nice work :cheering:

I really like your color choices for both pieces! Great job on the sock!

Great looking socks!

They both look great! I love the black for the background on your dishcloth too, it really makes the color pop!

What great colors for the dishcloth, it looks like stained glass with the black outline!

Nice sock! Fits perfectly.

I love the colors of your dishcloth. Remember those pictures we did in grade school where you use crayons and color the whole paper, then color over it with black and scrape off the black revealing the colors underneath? That’s what it makes me think of. :slight_smile:

I finished my ballband dishcloth yesterday!