Sock falling down

I made a pair of socks for a friend and she tells me they fall down. The ones (different pattern) I’ve made for myself don’t do that. My question is this…what causes this to happen and do I need a wider cuff or ?? Could it be because her ankle is thinner?

Hiya jc,
A lot of variables could be the cause of the mysterious slouching sox. Could be that the ribbing wasn’t deep enough, or that her ankles are skinny or the yarn you used.
Either way, there is a simple solution to the problem, even after the knitted fact. You could go and get some elastic thread from the sewing dept. and just use a tapestry needle and thread that through the back of the ribbing for a few rows. Tie it off and you are good to go. I had to do that with some sox I knit for my hubbiness. He has huge calves and I wanted to make sure that the ribbing would go around his calves.
I knit them of alpaca yarn (which has absolutely no memory) and that just added to the problem.
I just threaded some elastic thread through a couple of the rows of ribbing a poof, worked like a charm.:thumbsup: