Sock endemic

I started making socks using knitpicks two at a time toe up on two cable pattern . Have now made five pairs. I knit them at work and waiting for hospital appointment for mum and myself. Well now two of the girls in the office are knitting them, my mum is knitting them and another girl in the office and her 11 year old daught have started knitting. I have been giving one on one assistance to them lol.

Will post pic of my socks ASAP

Thats Great …sure feels good when you can help and teach someone at the same time…

Good for you! From your post I assume you like the KnitPicks pattern? Could you please share the link for it? I’d love to find it. Thanks!

HI yes here is the link

I sometimes use the heel as is set here and sometimes use a short row heel

using the short set heel ( 7 point decrease heel) when using new balls of wool and the short row when using part used balls of wool, as this way you can be sure you wont run out before you have done the heel and the leg/rib you can make as long or as short as the amount of wool you have left allows

Alright!! Spread the fever. :knitting:

Thanks for posting the links. I’m just getting a good start with knitting socks and want to learn toe-up. Those two links look like great ways to get started.

My, what stylish feet you have! Love the socks–and the fact that you’re personally teaching a whole slew of people to knit socks, too.

You know what they say about feeding someone for a day as opposed to teaching them how to fish? Your willingness to pass on your knowledge will prepare these people for a lifetime of knitting!


Oh, I see now why you say that socks are addictive! :slight_smile: Your socks look very neat!

(note to self: need to learn the short row heel for self-striping yarn)

Nice! Maybe I will try that next :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. Another reason I like knitting socks is they are easy to take out and about with me. Love having a light weight project in my hand bag to help while away time when waiting for appointments etc. Bit miffed can’t take them to do on the four five hour flights I have in the next few months. Maybe I would attempt crochet again

Why you can’t you take your knitting on the flights? In the US you’re allowed to take knitting needles on a plane, but perhaps you’re flying overseas or something???

I’ve never had a problem taking my knitting on domestic flights. I have heard of international problems though.

I just take one set of needles and keep the rest in my check in bag. That way if they should take them I’ve still got more where I’m going. :thumbsup:

Flying from UK to Canery Island just off coast of Africa . The airline and airport security both forbid knitting needles but allow crochet hook

Oh…that makes sense then. I think I’d just take my Kindle (or a book) with me. There are lots of books on knitting that are very entertaining. There’s technique books, mysteries, humor, etc. Need ideas for them we can help. :wink: