Sock dilemma/confusion

Normally I just go with whatever fits, but the pattern I’m doing now has a cable pattern and since I know it will pull in significantly, trying to really get it right.

My foot circumference is around 10-1/2 inches at largest (yes, my feet are that wide blech, so fun to knit for!)

However, when I make socks to fit that (minus 10% for negative ease) they are HUUUUUUUUUGE on me. I most recently finished a sock at 7 sts/inch with 60 stitches, which is just around 8-1/2 inches, and it fits me perfectly. I then took that same pattern and went DOWN a needle size, got 8 sts/inch, still 60 stitches, which is more like 7-1/2 inches, and they still fit me just fine, definitely felt snugger than the 7 st/inch one, but still perfectly comfortable.

The gauge for this cabled sock is 8 st/inch, so I’m good there with this yarn/needle combo, but I am puzzled as to what size to make. It’s 56[64,72] stitches to start, increased to 70 [80, 90] to accommodate the cables and fit circumference: 7.5 [8.0, 8.5] inches.

Being that the 60-stitch socks fit me, I’m inclined to make the medium, but obviously that’s nowhere near what I should be making according to my foot measurements and then I’m thinking maybe with the cable pulling, I should do the largest size.

So I guess what my question is, how are handknit socks SUPPOSED to fit? I’ve only actually completed a couple of pairs, and they are always snug, but not tight (except for an attempt at fair isle where I couldn’t even get the sock past the ball of my foot,) and I can’t imagine wanting it much looser, but it would seem that my finished socks shouldn’t be more than 9" around based on measurement and negative ease.

Any input would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Try knitting a stockinette sample at the gauge where you use 60 sts. Then just keep knitting on the same piece, do a couple rows of garter and work the cable pattern then compare the width of the two to see how much the cables will draw it in.

Thanks, Sue. I left an important part out. The gauge is 10 sts/inch in the cable pattern. I guess my question is more am I making socks for myself too small or if I’m comfortable with 7-8" circumference socks even though my foot is at least 2 inches wider, is that okay or am I just stretching the knitting more than I realize and that’s bad? I guess this would be a good opportunity to make a 9" sock and see if I like it since evidently I’ve been knitting far smaller ones for myself and hypothetically, that should still fit and be comfortable. I just already pulled almost a whole sock out and didn’t want to pull another :confused:

Thanks a bunch!

A cable pattern gauge will always be smaller than a stockinette gauge. If you have a 6 st cable with 2 sts on either side of it for the 10 sts/inch, that may very well come out to 7-8 sts in plain stockinette. Sooo, do it the other way - CO for the cable gauge, work 3" or so, then garter a couple rows and switch to plain stockinette for 3". You would still compare them.

I think all of my babbling has disguised my real question/concern, I apologize.

I’ve started one now, though, also, so I have something concrete to work with now.

My gauge is 100% spot on, 8/inch in stockinette, 10/inch in cable, just as written. I opted for the larger size because of the cables, so that’s 44 sts in cable pattern (approx 4-1/2 inches) and 36 sts in stockinette (approx 4-1/2 inches) for a total of 9 inches. I am almost half way up the foot and trying it on, it feels absolutely enormous on me, which has been my problem in the past when trying to knit socks in “my size.” Assuming I am measuring the correct part of my foot to get this 10-1/2 inch diameter, it would seem to me that a 9" sock would fit me properly, that is really where my problem lies. So my real question is how are handknit socks supposed to fit and if, for whatever reason, I fancy 8" diameter socks even though my feet are huge, is that going to make every pattern I ever try to work look all yucky and/or be bad for the wear of the sock?

Thanks again, sorry to be a PITA.

I’ve actually started and completed a sock since starting this post, and I’ve realized my foot is the anti-sock…

8 sts/inch, 72 sts, for 9" around.

This one was top down and the leg felt huge on me the whole time I was making it, but I went with it anyway. I did a 3" heel flap because that’s what’s generally recommended for my size foot, and then opted to drop the sole stitches down to 30 while leaving 36 on top for pattern, which wound up making it quite snug somehow, but still comfortable… The other issue is the heel flap wraps around the sides of my heel like a LOT and I’m wondering if that’s normal too.

I think I am going to stick with 36 sole stitches on sock 2 just to see, but are these normal things? I just wonder if I’m doing all this incorrectly for my foot and that what I think is fitting properly is actually me stretching out these rib patterns way more than they’re supposed to be.

Thanks again.