Sock cuffs loose

Hmmm… I washed my superwash merino wool socks in cold/cold, and then popped them in the dryer on low. The K2P2 ribbed cuffs are now loosy-goosy. Can this be fixed?


Thread a large-eyed needle with some elastic thread and run several individual rows through the stitches on the wrong side of the cuffs. Pull each row of elastic tight enough to make your socks fit, tie it off and weave in the ends. Be sure you sew the elastic through the back loops of the knitted stitches so it doesn’t show on front.

This is a perfectly legitimate way to get stretched-out socks, hats, sweater cuffs, necklines, etc., to fit.

Excellent thought - thanks! I don’t suppose that washing the socks in hot water and no dryer would make a difference?

knitasha: what about knitting in (on the next pair, of course!) clear elastic thread (if such a critter exists?) with the sock yarn…? :shrug:

The point of threading it through after the fact enables you to adjust the fit to your needs. Knitting it in doesn’t allow for that, in my opinion. I’d probably do the ribbing of the next pair on a smaller needle than the body.

Okay, I guess that makes pretty good sense. I’ll most likely go with the after elastic. Thanks all!

These socks were knitted on 1’s – I’m skeered of how itsybitsy needle size 0 would be! :thud:

I very carefully wove in three strands of the elastic thread into each sock ribbing – it worked great!