Sock cuff question

I am knitting socks, and I have one inch of ribbing done. Using fingering weight and size 1 needles. The ribbing is excruciating! How long should I make the cuff? Is 1 inch too short for the cuff? I want to have plain stockinette down the leg.

How long do you make your cuff?

I am working on a sock right now that has K2 P2 ribbing and it only called for 16 rows so an inch should be fine!

Maybe you could try it on to make sure it’s snug enough to keep from falling down before switching over to stockinette.

A quote from the Yarn Harlot’s last book:

“Knitting goddess Elizabeth Zimmermann had it pegged when she suggested that you work on ribbing until you’re sick of it. You’d be surprised how often that works out to be the exact length you need.”

(I usually rib for 1" to 2", depending upon the length of the leg. For a short leg, I find 1" is sufficient; for a longer leg, 1 1/2" to 2" seems better for holding up the socks.)