Sock Colours and Yarn

Hi there,

I want to knit a pair of work socks for my boyfriend. I want something fairly heavy and really soft because his steel-toes keep rubbing against his cheap socks and giving him blisters. I found a pattern on knitpicks that looks good and was wondering if anyone had made them or used that yarn before?

I’m really new to socks so if anyone has any advice or comments about the pattern or yarn that would be great.

Also, any ideas on colour combos would be awesome! I want them to be manly but still fun.


I haven’t used that pattern before…but I think it will work. I make socks for my dad and husband…they always want thick warm socks and the wool will does that. Also with it being superwash you won’t have to worry about them getting felted :thumbsup:

To increase the durability of toes and heels, go down one or two needles sizes when knitting those areas. Really works!

Will this work for the heel portion of the sole (i.e. after turning the heel) and on the ball of the foot? That’s where my socks wear out? Do you switch back to the larger needles for the insole portion?

I think it would work as well on the sole as it does on just heels and toes! If you were doing a rib or lacy stitch on the top of the foot, I think I’d stay with the smaller needle for everything, just to make life easier. I’d suggest using the smaller needle(s) on just the bottom and keeping the bigger needle(s) for the top if you were doing stockinette or a not-too-stretchy stitch on the top of the foot.

On second thought, I’d try the smaller all the way around on stockinette, too, maybe working one or two less decreases in the gusset to compensate.

You could be on to something here!

You can also make your sock last longer by reinforcing the heel. Here’s an article on how to do this: