Sock class! Yaahhh!

I’m so excited to go to my first sock class tomorrow night. :woot: It’s gonna be SO much fun! First off, I have made one pair of slipper socks with magic loop so I know I can do it on my own … but four of us from our S&B group signed up together. We’re gonna have a ball! The main reasons I am doing the class is for #1 fun, #2 I’m sure they can show me some tips and tricks to make it a bit easier and #3 it will force me to take the time to make some. I always say my socks are next, but another project always get in the way.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

I wouldn’t try socks if my life depended on it LOL!! Have fun though, post a pic when you get your first pair done, I’d be interested to see them.

Socks are a blast to make!! I make all my socks and my hubbys and my sons and my daughters. I got them spoiled i guess.

Have fun!!!


Ooh Wanda, socks are a lot of fun to knit. Especially in all the new lovely sock yarns that are on the market. They are a fun take a long project too. Have a blast. Nana

I just started my first sock. I need to find a class that I can go to at a local yarn shop tho

I love socks so much that I always have a set OTN. I envy any classes or knitting circles that you all have. I wish I had the time to start one here, but simply put, there are barely enough hours in the day for what I have on my plate now… maybe after May when my gardening and teaching obligations are not so in demand. We shall see.

Let us see what you guys work on.

i love making socks. I’m actually at crisis level with my sock yarn right now (as in i only have enough to make between 1 and 3 more pairs using the yarn harlot’s sock cheat sheet pattern)…

i seem to make them for people NOT me…

I like making socks as long as there are two on my needle at a time. Toe up or cuff down; either is fine as long as there are two. One sock with dpns would mean sock for me.

I just discovered a lone sock hidden away in a knitting basket from before I learned Magic Loop and the 2 circs method :teehee: