Sock challenge

Hello everyone

I have posed myself my own sock challenge. I have knitted so many socks over the past 2 years that I decided a few weeks ago to try something a bit different and new and not even asking myself the question as to ‘can it actually be done’ I started knitting anyway stubborn one that I am.

I am currently following the Hedera pattern that can be found on knitty (see picture). However as you will see on the picture I am using 2 different yarns. My objective is to have the colourful yarn for the sole of the foot and carry on with the pattern and the deep purple yarn for the top. I have seen a picture where this has been done (as on the picture that I have attached) which is why I decided to give it a try. But now having stopped at the crucial point of picking up the last gusset I asked myself last night how this was actually possible and how both yarn could be used in that way. Has anyone ever done this? If yes I would really welcome your help or even ideas on how this could/can be achieved. The sock started being knit on 3 needles but it is now divided into 4 after finishing up picking up the stitches for the gusset.

I looked at lots of various patterns this morning and could not find anything similar where the sole yarn was different to the top of the foot yarn, but surely this must be possible…non? :shrug:

Thank you all for your help.

I’ve seen sock patterns where the bottom of the foot is knit separately so can be easly replaced when worn. They’d have to be seamed along both sides of the foot. Of course I can’t find any right now.

This article may help: