Sock Cast-On Concern

I knit a pair of infant socks over the weekend and used a different method for the cast-on and 1st row (top of sock). I read in one of my sock books that to get a stretchy cuff, you can cast on double the amount of stitches and then do a rapid decrease on the 1st row.

So, I doubled the amount of cast on stitches, on the 1st row I did a rapid decrease (k2 together, p2 together), then on the 2nd row I had the correct amount of stitches for K1, P1 ribbing (for the length of the leg).

Has anyone else done this? If so, did you find it to be too loose? It turned out rather interesting looking. The top of the cuff flairs out slightly, but it looks cute. My concern now is that maybe it is too loose. Or will the ribbing still keep the leg of the sock from slipping down?

The ribbing should help keep it up.

I will have to try that trick. I decided to use some of my sock yarn scraps to knit up baby socks for my friend who is expecting, but I kept looking at the cuff and wondering if it would ever fit over chubby little baby legs.

I have not seen that. I always use long tail cast on for socks.

That was my concern too. I usually have problems with a tight cast-on so I was really worried about baby socks. However, this is stretchy. I did a long-tail cast-on, same needle size, just doubled the amount of stitches, then decreased the stitches back down on the 2nd row.

You might test it with some scrap yarn first to see if you like the results. The top of the cuff does flair out slightly and is thicker than a normal cast-on. I liked the results with the leg done all in ribbing, but I’m not sure how it would look if the leg were done in stockinette stitch.

Do you go up a needle size for the cast-on? I use the long-tail cast-on too, but I usually have to go up one or two needles sizes so it won’t be too tight.

The Twisted German cast-on is very similar to the long-tail and is super stretchy. It’s become my new fav. for socks, mittens, and anything that needs a stretchy edge.

McKnitty - Ni I don’t go up a size with the long tail cast on. I find it is stretchy enough.

I use a long-tail cast-on also, but it still seems a bit snug. I think I’m a bit of a tight knitter… particularly when casting on. I’ve had no complaints on my adult and child socks being too tight at the cuff, so maybe its just my bad memory of baby leg size. I hope my friend has this baby soon so I can test socks on her. LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

i use longtail as well

I use twisted german cast on for all my socks…it is the very best! So nice and stretchy.

Where’s the best place to learn the twisted German cast-on? This thread is the first I’ve heard of this. (My sock newbie-ness is showing. :eyes: )

Found this in another thread…

Here is another u-tube link The URL was different so I think it is a different one. If you do a Google search with the words, “twisted german cast on tutorial” other things will come up, some with still pictures too. I think I learned it from one of these U-tube things and I use the TWCO all the time now for hats, mitts and socks.