SOCK BOOT CAMP ~ Help with heel flap

Okay, so I’m doing ‘Mark’s Sock’ from

I have completed the ribbing and leg portion and am ready to start the heel flap. This is where the directions don’t make much sense to me.

"Objective: you want to take all the stitches which are on three needles (four if your marker happens to be in the middle of a row and you’re hanging onto it looking at it with a gormless expression on your face), and you want to get HALF (30) of the stitches onto one needle, and the other HALF (30) onto another needle. You also want your Back Needle (we’ll get to that in a moment) to start off with one free stitch, and then the marker.
Take an empty needle and just transfer stitches from one needle to the next, fiddling about until you have 30 stitches on both needles, and on the Back needle you have what I indicated above—a beginning stitch, and then the marker—and the free feed yarn should be right by that first stitch next to the marker. "

So I’ve got my stitches onto two needles, but the pattern is very unclear whether you’re supposed to start with the WS or the RS. Right now, as I have my stitches arranged, I have the stitch with my feed yarn placed as though I am working the RS first, although the row 1 directions for the heel flap are for a slip stitch/purl sequence and the row 2 directions are for a slip stitch/knit sequence. So would I want to arrange my stitches so I am started on the WRONG side???

Help please, I’ve done so well up to this point I don’t want to screw up now!!! :wink:


Never mind…I figured it out. And making good progress I might add.

Good luck on the sock. I have finished one of these babies and I found there to be a few spots where the instructions didn’t match what I had on the needles. Just go with your instincts.

Yep, definitely a few “glitches” in the pattern ~~ here’s what I have so far…


Oh la la!!!