Sock Blockers - where to purchase and or pattern?

Hey all - i’ve seen the nice pretty wooden sock blockers.

Well I have built many wood things and know I’d have no problem cutting some out myself if I only had a pattern. I’m just starting to knit socks so I have no idea what size these typically are.

so my ? is - does anyone know where I could find a pattern for the shape and size of sock blockers?

I know they come in different sizes and I’m mostly looking for an adult women’s approx size 7.

then maybe a man’s approx size 9 and maybe a childrens.

and I’ve seen some plastic ones in photos but can’t seem to find those for sale anywhere? any ideas?

but mostly I’d rather just make my own. so any links to patterns would be greatly appreciated or suggestions are welcome!

I recently bought a plastic pair from The Loopy Ewe. They were inexpensive and that’s what I was looking for right now.
You can also get some made of Sintra by Fiber Trends or wood ones. Leggy Creationssells hand embellished wood ones and Chappy’s Fiber Arts and Crafts sells wood ones with cut out designs on the top via Ebay. You can also find wood ones at The Loopy Ewe and Scout’s Swag although they might be made by Chappy’s also.
These are my results of an extensive search. I never did find a good pattern so that is why I ended up buying some. I figure it’s probably $19 well spent.
You could buy one pair and then adjust sizes accordingly to make your own.

Susan - where did you see the plastic ones on loopy ewe?

Hereare the plastic ones. :slight_smile:

Thanks meghann! I had looked everywhere else LOL

check this out!

Thanks guys! that last link is awesome! Now I know what to do with all my metal hangers!:thumbsup: