Sock Block

just finished a pair of socks for my dear granddaughter’s 9th birthday present. Purple & green at her request. Got a nice bloom on the yarn when I washed them for the first time. Here they are blocking - literally. :teehee:

I like how they match - but don’t. I think a nine-year-old would get a kick out of that!

Those are beautiful! I’m sure she’ll love them!

… any Harry Potter fan would prize those as Doby Socks!

Oooooo la la! These are perfectly wonderful! I need to be adopted…

I’m just a weensy bit glad you’re not, D

I’d be afraid for YOU to examine MY knitting up close… YIKES!


But, you see…I’ve never knit a single sock, ever! What do I know? :eyes:

You are inspiring!

Beautiful!!! Is that Noro yarn? I should finish my first pair of “real” socks this week! Last class tomorrow night. :slight_smile:

not Noro - something I picked up at my LYS. Sorry, don’t remember what it was. If I can still find a label around here, I’ll edit back in and let you know. Thank you for the compliments, everyone. My ego needed a good stroking.

Those are so cute and fluffy! Bet she loves them

This is her trying them on for the first time. PERFECT FIT!! :woot:

Consider your ego stroked again. They are wonderful looking socks, and you should be very proud of yourself!

If you could find the label, I’d love to know what yarn it is, as I love those colors also.

My favorite colors! I love them.

They look scrumptious! Love the coloring!