Sock advice?

I just realised I knit one more repeat into the sole of one of the socks that I’m making for my grandmother than the other.
Her shoe size is 7 or 7 1/2, very narrow, both soles are about 8" long. [SIZE=1]Medium width size 7 feet are supposed to be 8 3/4" long…[/SIZE]

If it was your foul up, would you take out the one that’s longer or the shorter one?
The shorter one also has more of the leg knit. (But sadly both were almost up to the ribbing already. :frog:)

Is the extra repeat real noticeable? if not then you could leave it and she might not notice it…Did you do the socks toe up? If they are toe up then you could also take the chance to fix the cuff part so they match…Really it’s up to you and which one would be the easier to fix… if you know the longer one will fit her then I’d prolly just go back and add a repeat to the shorter one…:teehee: I’m not much help am I?:teehee:

It would depend on how much longer one is than the other. Then if it was very noticeable, I’d frog back the sock that would require less work. I’d probably leave the sock that has more finished, and fix the other one.

I would frog back and fix it. It would drive me nuts if I didn’t.

I will do it, it’s true it’s bad the shorter sock is all twisted anyway, and it would be bad to send a bday present like that.

Stupid numbers, all sneaky and all… :wall:

These had better fit.


I ripped it all out.
I hope I get it right this time.

Good luck!:thumbsup:

I would think after wearing them in and washing them they will still form to the feet and you probably won’t even notice. Unless your perfectionist. (Not thats a bad thing)

Did you have to frog both socks?

When you work this pair take lots of notes… My sock notes are crazy…so you can remeber what to do on the 2nd sock…down to measurements to #of repeats… can’t wait to see them done :happydance:

I frogged to before the gusset in one, I think it will be ok. & for the future, I now know how to count rows in a sock! :cheering:

The sad thing is, I took enough notes to write a book, but I’ve just been so distracted, and generally feeling pretty sorry for myself, it just didn’t even help.

(If I had known I’d have to be tested for multiple diseases last week, I would probably not have chosen to knit on a deadline… :violin:But I seem to be ok too!)

:hug:I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling good…I’m glad you didn’t have to frog it all… hope you feel better soon…

When I knit socks, I make both of them at the same time, doing one row at a time on each sock, switching back and forth.

It’s a little tedious, but my socks come out EXACTLY the same. :wink:

I don’t switch socks every row, but I do switch at least after every section. And count stitches and rows often. That seems to work and although I don’t finish both at the same time, at least i only have a little left to do on #2 when I finish #1.

I meant to do the toe-toe, foot-foot thing, but then the first one went so fast I got cocky.
now I am really confused about what I did - I can’t get the second heel to match the first, there is definitely something wrong. but it is only off by one stitch and even another knitter probably wouldn’t notice unless I said right?

thanks for the advice! this is definitely what I’m doing next time no matter how fine it seems at first. (and there is a whole List of Socks for the family and a couple other people too.)

have any of you tried the one-sock-inside-the-other trick? is it as hard as it looks?