Sock advice?

I just bought this yarn to make my grandmother socks for her birthday (:woohoo:), but I am unsure which pattern now.
Her ankles are very slender.

I’m afraid lace would be baggy. Do cables usually make things fit looser too?
Or is there some other pattern you think is prettier with this yarn?
Do you think these would be ok if I took out the cable and put in something else? (Don’t people with narrow feet usually also have thinner legs?)

Thanks for any suggestions!

Cable won’t make the sock looser, they’ll actually make it smaller around.

I haven’t knit lace, so I can’t officially comment, but it seems to me that if anything, it would be looser than say, plain stockinette for example.

I’ve heard that the Jaywalkers have a tendency to end up fitting tighter, so may be you could try that pattern?

Cables would make it a bit more snug I should think.

I think for folks with narrow ankles a sock with a little longer ribbed top should help as they fit up the calf a little higher and should make them a tad more snug.

so the cable in this sock isn’t to make it bigger around?
I’m so confused.

Ok, I think perhaps I misread your question, your response has enlightened me…

If you replace the cable stitches with stockinette stitch, then the sock will be less snug. Cables pull the garment in due to the crossing of the stitches.

If, however, you [I]delete [/I]the cable stitches, thereby knitting the sock with fewer stitches around, then yes, your sock will be smaller around.

Does that answer your question?

Also, are you trying to secretly knit these for your grandmother? If not, you could measure her foot and leg and make customized socks.

You might want to check on grandma’s feet for size. I have larger calfs (they’ve never shrunk even though I’ve not done ballet in over 20 years) tiny ankles, skinny as all get out heels and big wide hobbit toes. (see why I like making my own socks?)

Ribbing and cables will help bring the sock in. Ribbing will give a bit more than cables in case grandma has toes like mine :slight_smile:

I guess I will just pick a pattern and then add ribbing to the top and hope for the best - she has thin legs too.

thanks for the cable explanations everyone, those pattern notes got me all confused.