Sock addiction? what sock addiction?

LOL when you say good sock porn - when my husband sees me furtively surfing the net he says I am at the knitting porn again :inlove:

Nothin’ like knitting porn :wink:
I add wooly nylon to my 100% wool socks :smiley:
LOL, I ordered sock yarn earlier this week from KP; got my yummy Lornas Laces…just ordered some more sock yarn from KP today…yep…BIG ADDICT…addicted to knit porn :roflhard: :rofling:

pssst…Nicole…Canadian eBay source of Lorna’s Laces…

OMGosh, that is a BEATIFUL yarn color…I must get that colorway next in Lorna’s Laces…gardenmommy it’s all your fault :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

GEEZLOUISE you guys!!! Although I should know better than to come here for any kind of assistance at all in restraint! :roflhard: I’ll have to check out that ebay seller later. My DH got his own computer yesterday, so he’s looking over the dining room at my pooter all the time… can’t get caught… unless I tell him how much I have in paypal first!!!

Thanks Becka about the wooly nylon. I’m going to have to go to Fabricland this week to get some so that I can get going on DH’s socks. Not that I don’t have enough on the go already, but getting his done quick makes it easier to drag him out to buy me big batches of stash! :thumbsup:

Very good thinking, Nic…finish those socks so ya’ll can go yarn shopping :wink:

Well I still haven’t gotten the wooly nylon. You’d think that in a city that has a HUGE sewing/textile sector, that it would be easy to locate! No such luck! I went to a quilting store and tried a few fabric shops. All I found was one store that had about 10 shades… none of which were even close. I accidentally discovered a place that specializes in commercial sewing, so I’ll have to check them out. I wonder why they weren’t open at 11:30 pm when I drove by! :wink:

I did get back to Camille’s and bought a bunch more sock yarn and supplies for a shawl/scarf… got lots to knit now!