Sock addiction? what sock addiction?

It’s all my DHs fault… I SWEAR!!! He’s the one that sent me across town to drop off some papers for a loan. It’s not my fault that my fave LYS is on the way… and that I haven’t been in there since November due to bridge reconstruction. It’s also not my fault that she’s selling/ closing and had great deals on sock yarn. It’s also not my fault that she had some Bryspun dpns and some Skacel dpns that begged to come home with me… not my fault, not my fault at all. I’m not addicted, no way, no how.

BTW: the sock yarn is Scheeepjes Invicta {#1364, a grey/ blue tweed}, Dazzle Super Socks {#714, a teal/ white/ blue/ grey jacquard}, and a single ball of Lang JaWoll Jacquard {#0158, charcoal/ white/ grey/ fuschia/ burgundy wine}; the dpns are 9"-3 mm {2.5US} Bryspuns, and 7"-2.5 mm {1 US} Skacels[/b]

:cheering: :cheering: YEAH, BABY :cheering: :cheering: Nuttin like a sale on sock yarn :wink:
LOL, I ordered yarn yesterday for my sister’s socks & my daughter’s…as if I don’t have a gazillion balls, hanks, skeins (but these are for me :roflhard: )

Nice stuff, Nicole! I am so glad I’m not the only addict around here. :XX:

It’s not my fault that there are so many different kinds of sock yarn. I just have to try them all, don’t I? I don’t have an LYS near me, so I have to shop online. And my finger has a mind of it’s own…sometimes it pushes the button that says “place order” without my even knowing… :roflhard:

Here’s some Regia and some Lorna’s Laces I just got. On order I have some Opal and some Jawoll…now if only I could knit 24 hours a day, I might actually get to use it all.

Lornas Laces… :drooling: I just ordered some for me from Ebay…LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Then I just ordered from knitpicks yesterday…it’s truly an addiction :rollseyes: I completely forgot about this BEAUTIFUL Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that I have, as well as some Opal until I was looking in another box for something & saw them there…why, bc my sock yarn box is too full for them to fit in it & I had stashed these babies in another box! what a JOY it was to find :smiley: As if I had just been yarn shopping…[size=2]again[/size] :wink:



What color Lorna’s is that?

i think it looks like bubblegum! (that isn’t the name i am sure…just what i think of when i see those colors.) i am ignoring it though cuz i really want it and i have a whole bunch of sock yarn i have bought and haven’t even started using yet cuz i am trying to finish an afghan before i get toooo crazy with the socks.

:cheering: The yarn is soooooo pretty!!! I signed up for a sock class at my LYS. I knit socks on 2 circs, but I really want to learn how to make them on dpn’s- I have a gazillion (ok, maybe not that many!) skeins of sock yarn just waiting patiently until I have the skills to do them justice…

I LOVE knitting socks on dpns :heart: :inlove: :heart: !! I have a video coming & several tutorials for knitting on circs, I want to give them a try, but I wonder if I will prefer circs or dpns :thinking: …time will tell… :wink:

That Lorna’s Laces color is called sherbert…looking at it makes me hungry. Luckily, I can’t eat while I’m knitting. :rofling:

Nicole, you’ll have to post on how you like the Bryspuns. I love their single points and would love to buy some dpns.

It’s not my fault I read so much about sock on the KH forum that I had to try a pair and have become addicted to knitting them and now I have to buy all kinds of sock yarn even tho’ nobody wants my homemade socks.

I’ll show 'em!!! (I just bought a skein of opal bumblebee at a ridiculously high price on ebay because it’s discontinued and…RARE!!!) :rofling:

I have been wanting to do socks but was really afraid to try them… I had seen ladies taken photos in the LYS of each step of their sock so they could remeber what to do when they got home and the fear in their eyes that they would :lol: then I tried 2 socks at one time right off the bat and well it didn’t go very well but I think now that I have seen the 1 sock on 2 circs it would be easier… anyways I had started one but never really really started it till mom decided to make bed socks lol so I thought well if I’m gonna show her I better make a sock… I made it while in WV and then helped my mom with her two socks and was like ohhhh socks are coollllllll… now I’m wrapping up the matching sock and can’t wait for the next… I’m using DPNs cause they go pretty fast for me but I think I’ll try the circ methods soons… while in WV I bought more sock yarn from Patons… I still have some sock yarn I bought at the LYS but didn’t want to mess up till I completed a sock :lol: everyone may get socks for Christmas instead of lapghans… :thinking: and mom has put in her order for more yarn to do 2 more bed socks… I love that they are so easy to take with you and not to much to remeber… or at least on my basic sock pattern there isn’t…

At Christmas I started my mom on a ribbing scarf to match the fingerless gloves she had me make… well after I left she messed up and just put it up till I got home… she couldn’t get the bumps were when she purled and vs for knits… now that she has done the socks she is moving full speed ahead with her scarf she told me last night I know what a Purl is she was so excited although she still says I’m not a knitter I’m a quilter… I knit for you :heart:

Ahhhhh…dusti…another sock addict and WTG teacher of Mom :wink:

oh la la…good sock porn :roflhard:

Do sock knitters have a foot fetish? :rofling:

I’m drooling over that Lorna’s Laces… if it were in shades of plum and lilac, I’d be a goner for sure!

I’m really sad that I’m losing this store. It’s really looking like she will be closing rather than selling. There were at least two more shades of the Dazzle that I want to get too. There’s another yarn store in town that’s closing and I want to get the details about it at my next SnB. I’ve never been there, and I’d like to see if I can feed my feet some more! :roflhard:

I was going to start with the Dazzle, since I wanted a pair of jacquard socks, but I cast on with the Invicta to try out a lace sock pattern. I’m using the Bryspuns for it, and I’m finding them a bit awkward to begin with because these ones are at least 1-2" longer than what I’m used to. Once I get a bit further into the sock, I’ll be able to make a better judgment on them.

Like this?! :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

You are such a BRAT!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Sheesh… the danged STR cost me $20 US each to get here… and now you show me that!!! And even worse, I think I have that much left in my PayPal too. I wonder if she’d mark it as a “gift” when sending… :thinking:

Just in case you didn’t know about this place, it’s where I got my latest supply of sock yarn from. They have a lot of different sock yarns, plus free shipping and good service. I’m also very tempted to join their sock of the month club, but I’ve spent way too much money lately so I have to wait a while.

Oh yeah…I love theknitter, too :wink:

PHEW!! It’s an American company, so it’s extremely unlikely that I would order from them. As a side note, my DH took me to Ram’s today to get him some more sock yarn. I came home with enough superwash worsted wool to make him two pairs of socks, and a 100g ball of sock weight for me! I’ll post pics of it later… we’re in the process of setting up his pooter, and I’ll be shutting mine down so that we can set up our network. Oh! Since his wool isn’t a blend, will I NEED to add wooly nylon to it, or will it be okay by itself?