:verysad: :crying: :verysad: :crying: :verysad: :crying: :verysad:

Knit Picks don’t ship O/S …

How terribly unfair! Here I was eyeing off the Dancing sock yarn in “Swing” and it’s out of my reach… <sigh>

Any other Aussie / non-US knitters want to petition them with me to start shipping O/S??

Bummer! Maybe it’s the cost involved??? There are a lot of people on here that order from them. Maybe you could make some kind of special arrangement with someone. Don’t you guys get really good wool prices in AU though?

Oh, we have a plethera to choose from… I only really wanted to get it because of the name… I’m a Swing Dancer… :smiley: hehe I was going to make hubby & I special dancing socks… :smiley:

:roflhard: cute