:frowning: :wall:

I just dropped a bunch of stitches without noticing on my socks. Some of them unravelled too.

[size=2]rip rip rip[/size]


[color=indigo]ekgheiy helps beldaraan pick up her sts[/color].


You have my deepest sympathies during this dark hour.

Loof :crying:

Dearest Beldaraan…

How can we fully appreciate the pure joy of a perfectly knit piece if we never experience the pain and sorrow of a dropped stitch? That which does not kill us makes us frogger…I mean, um, STRONGER.

HUGS to you, Bel.

My condolences to you. I’m working on my first sock and I’d just die if that happened to me!!! :frowning: finally finished the first part of the leg (you know work rows 1-16 twice) Well I’ve done it once!! Slow, slow,slow. Keep us updated on your progress.

Oh how sad :frowning: I would be very upset if I were you too :frowning:

Poor Beldie! :crying:


Oh suck it up. Just kidding :slight_smile:

at least you’re not a quitter not me. Besides you are awesome-super-knittyMcSpeedster, so you will have it fixed-and better than before-in no time. :thumbsup:

Thank you for all of your support everyone. I felt better and better after each comment that I read. You are all very sweet and understanding.

As for my progress update, as requested, I’m beyond the row where I originally ended and frogged. Beldie always remembers to move her finished rows to the middle of her dpns now.

In leiu of your recent frogging tragedy, Beldie, I dedicate the newest emoticon to you…

(Drumroll please…)
Introducing, the Frogging emoticon!



Awwww, thank you Amy! I am touched.

Looks just the way I did while frogging.

Ribbit, ribbit… :frog:

Well Beld…guess what I get to do today!!! I dropped a couple stitches last night on my sock and this afternoon I get to FROG!!!

Don’t die on me. If I can get back on track so can you.

Are you doing the kal sock or something different. You keep us updated too.

Love the emoticon! I LOL at the sight of it!

That is the cutest little emoticon I ever saw. Where on earth did you get it???

By the way, sorry about losing your stitches. I am almost done with the back of my latest sweater and I noticed that somewhere down in the middle is an incorrect stitch (I purled when I should have knitted). The h*@! with it.


Take 2:

:x: knit, knit, knit

:?eyebrow: “oh, what happened here?”

:?? "hmm, can I fix this?

:? “I only lost one stitch somehow. I could have fixed it in stockinette, but fixing a stitch in ribbing is a lot different”


:frog: sigh x 15 rows

I envy all of you that can knit anything other than a scarf :XX:

Thank goodness Spring is almost here and i get outside to my garden :cheering:

Maybe when i start to play in the dirt again i can rejoice when my flowers bloom :thumbsup:

All that expensive yarn i bought to make that Afghan and i can’t make headway on knitting anything other than a scarf. :doh:

So i am handing over my yarn for someone else to make the Afghan :cheering:

Happy Knitting to those that can :heart: I am just so disappointed!!!

Beld, you make me laugh. At least you dont give up :happydance: :thumbsup:

I think we should “stick” this thread like an ongoing “Frogging Support Group”.

I knit half a hat last night & had to :frog: it because it was too small.

Who’s doing the afgan for you? Maybe you need to take a break from the afgan and make something else that is quick and easy!! Please don’t give up Anne. Tell us where you’re stuck!

Kelly, that’s unfortunate. At least, you didn’t make the whole thing, bind off, and then realize that it’s too small.

I’ve decided that if I lose stitches again, I’m going to visit my lys lady. If I can’t see her right away, then I’ll just work on my booby scarf or switch to one of my other hobbies.