I have picked up another hobby . . .soap making. I was wondering if there are any other knitters also making soap in our KH world.

I thought it might be cool to knit face clothes to give along with my soap.


I have made shaving soaps, but it’s not a regular thing, just a sort of “I want to learn how” kind of thing.

How interesting you should mention this! I have been dying to try to make soap! My husband’s aunt offered to show me how to make household-cleaner olive oil soap, and I am going to take her up on it in the fall, but I did want to make pretty scented soaps for people. The soap she makes would take the hair off your arms if you used it. Maybe the skin, too. :mrgreen:

Do you have pictures of your soap?

And yes, giving knitted face cloths and handmade soap would be a wonderful gift!!! :thumbsup:

I’ve made soap, lotions, shower gel, lip balm, candles, you name it. At one point I had so much soap I didn’t know what to do with it all. But I haven’t made any in quite a long time. But I have been thinking about pulling out the oils n lye again soon…

I would LOVE to learn how to do this. I once looked into doing courses on learning to make soaps and lotions but never did go ahead - the courses were soooo expensive

I made soap a long time ago…back when I was still in H.S. mom and I would make it together… I enjoyed it and every once in awhile I think about dragging it out…I should cause putting them with the face cloths would be nice gifts…and then I also have thispattern from Fiber trends too…:think:

I make soap! The bulk of my efforts are for hand soap – we go through it like crazy. Shampoo, too.

My next project is dishwashing soap – previous attempts were WAY to sudsy. So, if anyone has a recommendation, please share!

One Christmas, I made big baskets for all the girls in my family with soaps, bath salts, gifts in a jar, and all kinds of cool stuff. I took the easy way out with the soap and bought the blocks of soap base. But I made oatmeal soap and kitchen soap with coffee grounds in it (THAT was awesome soap!) and it was fun!

I’m going to CA in September to do an art show with my friend and SHE make the most amazing soap right from scratch. I asked her to show me how because I want to make special soaps as a part of my mission project down in Belize. I’m going to teach the girls at the orphanage there how to knit pretty dishcloths and then we’ll make soap (probably vanilla orchid, since orchid is the flower of Belize) to go with the cloths. Then I’ll bring everything back to the states and sell them with profits going to the orphanage. At least, that’s my plan…

Making soap is so much fun and there’s always a need for it, unless you’re one of those people that doesn’t mind being smelly!:lol:

Have fun with it!

We need a “Silvers Soap Tutorial”

if you really want to get started in soaping, start reading here:

digest it, mull it over, read it again.

soapmaking needs to be approached, imnsho, with great caution and a lot of research. you are, after all, playing with lye. serious eye and skin damage can occur. please be careful, and if you do decide to start making soap, have fun!

if you want to see some of the soaps i’ve made, click on my blog. most of my pics are in my first post or two. and i made a yummy batch of mint soap on midsummer’s eve that is cured now and is just LOVELY in the shower.

I so want to do that but a few years back some woman blew up her garage making soap near us so my husband automatically thinks I will too. :teehee: I’m allowed to make bath bombs though so I’ve made a ton of them in various scents and colors. I like this place for soap and bomb supplies :roflhard:

My dd is the soapmaker in our family. I just love it. What I like most is that there is nothing in there to irritate your eyes. She had an interesting event happen when she was trying to get some of her equipment together. She wanted to buy a scientific scale(like they use in lab classes with the sliding bar) but no one would sell her one because they said they are used by drug dealers to weigh their products. I guess she finally persuaded someone to sell her one because she has one now. What a world we live in. Ellie:shrug:

digital scales are readily available online. you’ll want to purchase the most accurate one you can afford to get the most accurate reading possible. nothing is more irritating than over-pouring an expensive essential oil.

it’s getting quite difficult to get lye, actually. red devil, the main maker for years, has quit selling it entirely. :frowning:

HAHA! I’m no soap pro! My tute would consist of “pour the lye into the water, not water into the lye!” Oh, and “keep the cat off the counter while pouring the lye”. :teehee: