As if I need another hobby to both occupy my time and my money, I’ve decided to start making soap. I’m thinking of starting to make the melt and pour soap so as not to blow myself up with the lye and stuff used in making the more advanced type.
Anyway, I’ve been perusing the web looking at discount soap making supply places and have a few but if anybody else is into soap making I’d like to know some of the places you buy your supplies at. Thanks!

I did the melt and pour type to go to my kids teachers at the end of school last year. I love them for me though too. I bought my stuff from Micheal’s and Joanne’s but both places had a limited selection. Very easy to do though. I am sure that you should be able to find a place online that has better selections.

edited to add - Whenever you do start to buy the stuff, I would buy a recipe book or two first, then you will have a idea as to what types of soaps to make and will therefore know what stuff to buy.

Several of my friends make soap.

I found this site in addition to some supply sites! :cheering:

i tried it, think i bought rubbish soap to melt as the soap was awful. but i loved adding the dried flowers etc to it to make it smeel devine.

i may go back to it omeday as it was fun to do. so very different to knitting

I’ve seen it and the perfume to go in it at Hobby Lobby. Looked like they had a good supply. Wanted to try it but, like most of you, I have too many hobbies already.

I don’t do soap (not yet, anyway), but I do make my own candles. A lot of the places that have candle supplies also have the stuff for making soap, bath gels, etc.
A couple of places I use for wax and scents are Connie’s Candles and…might check them out - their customer service is great!