Soakers--help me out guys

I’m showing my age I guess when I ask this question…What is the intended purpose of a soaker?? Are they to be worn over diapers? If so, disposable or cloth or either? I think they’re downright cute but just don’t know if I’m aware of their intended purpose.

My mom used disposables on me but my mil decided to tell me when I was 7 mos. pregnant (as I was showing her the accumulation of diapers in the closet from my baby shower) that she used cloth w/ both of her kids b/c they were allergic to the plasticy stuff that diapers were made from… :shock: …OMG what if this baby needs cloth diapers??? I’ve convinced myself that now that diapers aren’t made out of that plastic stuff anymore that I’ll be okay…but I digress…so what are soakers intended for anyway???

Firstly–congratulations on your upcoming baby!! :hug:

Secondly–have a look here. Cloth diapers aren’t what they used to be. They can be extravagant and adorable, or simple and cheap. Either way, they’re much better for the environment…and your pocket! Even if they’re not for you, they’re definitely interesting to read about. :slight_smile:

And thirdly–soakers are cloth diaper covers. Lanolized wool is water-resistant, anti-bacterial, and breatheable. They can be used over disposables, too! I’ve knitted a few for a pregnant friend…they’re a very quick and rewarding knit. And sooooo cute!! :heart:

Your question was already answered, but I wanted to assure you that disposable diapers have definitely come a long way and I dont know if I’ve heard of a baby these days being allergic. I’m sure you will be fine!

My oldest son had no problems with any disposable diaper. With my second, I learned that not every brand/type of diaper works for every baby (like a size 3 huggies would leak and a size 3 pampers was perfect), AND my second broke out in a rash whenever i tried to use any diaper other than Pampers Cruisers. With my 3rd, I have had no Option but to cloth diaper her. Her tush breaks out horribly whenever a disposable diaper is tried on her.

Yep! Wool is an amazing fiber! We cloth diaper and I’m busy knitting a bunch of wool covers since we’re replacing all of our plastic covers with them. They’re just nicer, don’t leak, don’t smell, and keep my baby cool and dry.

You can even use soakers with disposable diapers – I have a friend whose son had awful leaking issues, even with nighttime diapers, and he always soaked through every layer she put him in. I knit him a wool soaker and now she doesn’t have to change his sheets every morning. :smiley: