Soakers and longies and finding the right UK yarn

I’m new to this forum but I need some help finding the right yarn because I’m going crazy trying to work it out for myself.
I want to knit soakers, but I keep finding really nice american or canadian patterns that specify yarns that I can’t get hold of. The problem is that I’m a Brit living in Greece so I don’t understand all the us/ canadian terminology, and usually have to order things off the internet as the local market here is pretty limited. Because I have lots of contacts in the UK I can usually order things much more cheaply from there but then I have conversion problems…Could anyone help me by telling me which UK yarns are suitable?
I wonder if thinner yarns are more comfortable for the baby (especially as I intend to knit for a newborn)? Perhaps a thin yarn won’t be bulky enough though to soak everything up? I gather that 100% wool is the best, but what thickness? Will DK do? If so, does it really need to be something very soft like alpaca or merino?

Specific patterns I’ve been looking at: Curly Purly, tinybirds, snapdragon, ottobre.
The ottobre pattern asks for wool roving - can I buy any wool roving I find off the internet or do I have to ask for something extra soft?
The snapdragon pattern asks for worsted weight wool - does that translate as DK, or something lighter?
The tinybird pattern asks for wool that can be shrunk. I have easy access to special anti-shrink merino wool - any advice for how to modify the pattern to get the right size without shrinking at the end?
Sorry I have so many questions, I hope someone can answer even just one of them.
Thanks in advance!!

In doing a little searching I found that the majority of people recommend 100% wool. Cascade 220 was mentioned many times. It’s a worsted weight yarn, but I don’t know where it is manufactured if that makes a difference. Start with the pattern and find the suggested weight and gauge first then look for the wool.

DK is lighter than worsted.

Peace Fleece was mentioned many times-

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will take a closer look at the crafty yarn council website later, it seems to have a lot of interesting information. The peace fleece wool is not really an option for me as I don’t think it’s available in the UK but I found some cascade 220 and a really nice pattern which uses it - so thanks very much again.

You’re welcome. Just remember that pretty much any 100% wool should work.