So. Who's for PARIS?

yes, my knitting-obcessed friends, I am bound for Paris on Tuesday.

the wools, the patterns, the cowichan sweaters…

My friends and I who went to Listowel a couple of weeks ago are going to Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario. It’s a charming little village about 45 minutes from Hamilton, near the Grand River. (but, you should know, that MOST charming little villages in Ontario are near the Grand River…I lived a km from its source for over 20 years on my farm)

I don’t actually expect to find anything I want, but it’ll be a fun trip with a lunch stop along the way.

I’ll be thinking of you. Not expecting to find anything is the perfect set-up for a fabulous surprise so enjoy the trip.

Knitonepurrtwo! Enjoy your trip to the fullest! Bring back some “stash”!!! Prayers for a happy, fun and safe trip!

no additions to the stash, but the prices were good, there were LOTS of colours, and choices. I did see some pure wool in 100g skeins for $10, in gorgeous colours.

they havekits for all sorts of crafts. Beading for those people whole like to bead and make fun costume jewelry.
needlepointing, plastic canvas, rug hooking, doll stuff, sewing…

and then we went for lunch. I had poutine. Don’t know why that suddenly appealed to me, normally I don’t go near it with a barge pole.
but it was okay.

and now we’re all home, and I’m making salsa and beef barbeque. might do a peach crisp, too. :smiley:

I’ld forgotten what a cute little village Paris is. they have a beautiful little square, overlooking the river. so peaceful.

Next year, we’ll be doing the Lens Mill tent sale, either in Guelph or Port Dover. (home to the Friday13th biker invasion)

Its on now (the sale, not the invasion) but…

so little time, so little money…