So what's your favorite tank top?

Thinking about doing a tank top for the summer, I have several options for yarn including Cotton Fleece, Pima Silk, and a chunky 100% cotton.

So what ones have you liked?

I voted “in the round” because I’m a bit intimidated by knitting clothing. I’m getting ready to do Soleil (if my yarn ever gets here!!!). :slight_smile:

Okay, I apologize. I thought I was being funny by checking that box, but I didn’t realize that no one else had voted! I really like Knitty’s Honeymoon cami.

I am currently working on Rose which is Soleil with sleeves for my sister…I love working in the round…which is why I voted that way…anything in the round :wink:

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I am currently knitting the Eliza with Berroco Touche and boy, do I love this yarn!!! It is a very fast knit!!

I too voted for in the round… it kind of incorporates several of the others, ya know? I just got in the yarn for Soleil, it’ll be my next project (but I really want to set everything else aside and start it now :rofling: .)

Well, the only one I’ve made is Chickami. I made the shaped, wide-strap version and I like it a lot. It’s an easy knit and a great “basic” tank.

I do think Soleil is very pretty too.

My favorite is the one I’m currently working on (and I’m almost done! :cheering: )…
I’m using Classic Elite cotton yarn. But I LOVE the yarn they used.

I, like Amber, have only done the Chickami, but I really liked it! I recommend it highly! :thumbsup:

I made the Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank from and I love it. It is mostly done in the round except for the upper front and back, and there is no seaming at all. It looks really nice and the lace pattern was not difficult. I did add my own little cap sleeves, but that was really the only change I made.

Tahki-Stacy Charles just sent a newsletter with links to 9 free new tank top patterns:

Their free pattern link:


Thanks for the links! :inlove: I really like the pattern using the Cotton Classic. :thumbsup: