So, what can I do?

I attempted a simple beret on Ravelry, and it came out gigantic. Right gage, right number of stitches, it’s just huge.

Besides frogging, is there any way to make it fit better? Steeking and sewing? Anything? TIA!

many berets are felted
could this be what is needed?

I agree, felting will work wonders, if it’s wool (not the washable kind, of course!). Oherwise, unfortunately, frogging would be the best looking option (jmho! :slight_smile: ).

Good luck!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]On a hat that I made that got way out of hand, I found that turning the rim up and stitching it down really helped. I used a different colour of yarn for the neat stitching and it became part of the pattern.:happydance:
It fits perfectly now and everyone says what a beautiful hat it is.
Just take a good look at it and find out how you can manipulate the hat that you have into something else without taking it apart.
I’m always doing this sort of thing because (gulp) I never do gauge… I know this is bad… but it’s not like I’m doing sweaters or anything… LOL!
Experiment with the hat that you have and become a designer… what have you got to lose?