So what am I doing wrong?

Ok so this is my first time doing duplicate stitches and I think I messed up a lot. :aww: You can totally see the stitches underneath major. Please help!!!

You are not doing anything wrong. Its pretty common to see the background color when doing duplicate stitch. Especially when you use a lighter color. You could try using a heavier weight yarn to do the duplicate stitch or doubling the yarn you have.

Good luck!

how cute!! The little soakers look great… and as beckyrhae said you did nothing wrong…I think the star looks good too :thumbsup:

oh that is adorable! Too cute!

Thanks you all…ya’ll are nice.

I think after looking at it a bit more…I think I just wasn’t meticulous enough on making sure I was exactly on top of the stitches ykwim? I guess as I keep practice and slow down it will get even better. I think I just don’t like tedious stuff and rushed it.

I think it looks nice! It just needs a little model!

Those are cute!