So this guy Jeff that sells Addis

Is he a knitter on this board? He ships from the UK, but lives in Hong Kong? and all shipping is USPS? And Addis is ALL he sells? Are there so many people in the US addicted to these things that you can make a living off em by selling them on eBay?

no, not a knitter, yes there are enough people addicted and I think he sells some other things too…

And yes, all of the shipping stuff you said is correct too…

The UK/HongKong thing is confusing, but I think he ships from Hong Kong. I don’t know where he lives.

I’ve heard of a lot of people making livings selling stuff on Ebay. :??

He ships from Hong Kong, yes. He also sells some other things on Ebay, but I have no idea if that’s how he makes his living :?? We sell things on Ebay, but we sure don’t make our living doing it…I can certainly see how people could if you had the right products. Personally, I wish I’d thought of the idea of Ebay … don’t u know that Ms/Mr Ebay is rolling in the $ :smiley:

There were other posts about jeff…one recently something about Skacel not allowing him to do it any more or something to that effect???

I ordered some addi’s not too long ago & was checking out his site yesterday (I need some 4’s & my addi’s are complete for now) and he was still selling them :thinking: I don’t know what’s up with him & Skacel :??

Found the thread with the info here