So there I sat

last night at dinner. My husband could tell something was wrong. Finally I said, ‘I have something to tell you because I feel so guilty, but you might get mad’. After assuring me he wouldn’t (as he was laughing his butt off because he said I looked guilty about something - the nerve!!), I built up my courage and spilled my guts.

‘It’s like this’ said I. (You may remember I mentioned it was my birthday last week and that he got me Denise interchangeable needles). ‘I figured you were not going to get me those needles I wanted, so I went EBay shopping figuring we would be going to the yarn shop where you would be spending a small fortune on yarn I had seen there to knit that wrap. Anyway, I bid on some interchangeable knitting needles and I won the auction and paid for them!’

Well by now he is almost choking on dinner he is laughing so hard!!

‘Can’t you sell them?’ asks he (what is he thinking!!!)

‘No…’ I told him…‘besides when I knit socks, I will need two of each size circular needles to do it! Plus the ones you gave me are resin, and the one’s I bought are bamboo! You can never have too many knitting needles!’

So, to make my long story short, I know am the proud owner of two sets interchangeable needles, one set resin, one set bamboo!!!

pat…who will now be able to knit socks once she learns how!

Imagine the laughter if you told him you don’t know how to knit socks! I agree–you can never have enough needles. I know having a lot allows me to switch around–maybe not a good thing overall, but I like it!

I don’t know how to knit socks!!! It’s on my list somewhere down the road. Just found out a couple weeks ago we are getting a new grandchild beginning of next year, so it’s been pushed even further back on my learning list!


Oh boy!!! Baby clothes!! Congratulations! I have two, it’s the best!

They are the best! This will be my fourth! I have a 10yr old grandson (who will be the brother of this one), and two granddaughters, aged 4 and 2.

My husband likes to say the grandchildren are our reward for not killing our children!

pat…who was a grandma at 37!

Congrats on your new grandbaby :slight_smile:

Congrats on the baby! Knitting baby socks would be a great introduction to knitting socks…and so quick…instant gratification :slight_smile:

Socks are not as hard as they look. Honest! Here’s an easy pattern for baby socks. Use that in conjunction with my beginner’s sock class, and you can do it!

Congrats on the new grandbaby!! Knitting for babies is probably my favorite. Some of those little patterns are sooooo sweet, and they’re small so the knitting goes quickly. I have 3 babies to knit for this year, and I’m loving it! :slight_smile:

let me know how you like the interchangable bamboos - i contemplated buying them, b/c i knit a lot on bamboos, but ultimately opted for the denise set instead - now you’ll have both, so you can compare for us :smiley:

[color=blue]Hey Silver… do you think that the top of the Lace and Diamond bootee would work on the baby sock pattern. :thinking: I am thinking that rather than struggle with the bootee pattern … (need to get these shipped out for a shower) that maybe I can merg the two patterns? I can PM you the pattern if you think it might help. Possible? Thanks for your ongoing help! :cheering: annie[/color]

Of course you can PM me! :slight_smile: It should work. You can work the cuff portion of a sock anyway you want! I might need to insert some increases or decreases for you so you finish the cuff with the same number of stitches as the sock has. So long as there isn’t a huge difference in the number of stitches, it will not be a problem. :thumbsup:

[color=blue]It is on it’s way! Thanks a bunch! :balloons: [/color]