So, the Listowel tent sale

starts tomorrow.

I do NOT need more wool.
But I’m going on Thursday with a couple of ladies from the knitting group.
I’m the only one who knows the way. :mrgreen:
We’ll stop for lunch along the way.

If I find some nice mohair, I MIGHT get some.
OR, if I find pure wool in a spectacular colour, …

But really, I don’t need any more wool…

Excellent. Maybe some alpaca too?
Wish I could join you at the sale.

sigh. you had to mention alpaca…

I’ve been very carefully avoiding the Alpaca farm that is 20 minutes away from me. They produce gorgeous yarns…
I’ll get photos. There’s a cute video on youtube re the listowel sale.
someone I know has just had a baby.

so, add some soft yarn for a christening blanket to my list.

LOL :roflhard: “Need” you are a fiber artist you always need more fiber. Besides you can’t win the award for biggest stash when you leave this world unless you keep adding to it. :thumbsup:

and I DO need to add to it. I haven’t bought wool since the last tent sale.

a year ago. and in my defense, I HAVE knit one sweater with what I bought there, and have worn it several times already. (I spent $200 and have enough for 6 more sweaters…at least…)

I think I should go through it all today, sort it out, and think about the lovely objects I’ll be making…

well, we went, we ate, we saw…

and we bought yarn.

NOT a lot. Actually, we were all disappointed with the offerings (lack of yarns, lack of real wool, lack of interesting colours…)

I got some worsted in a very dark grey, I fell in love with the colour, and had an instant vision of what I’ll eventually knit.

also bought some eyelash in a sort of khaki/brownish taupish shade, it will be a swing jacket.

then, we went to Lens Mill outlet in Hawkesville, where I got some fun sock yarn, and a metre of rug canvas for needlepointing.

We ate at a great place (Crossroads) to give us shopping strength, plus it was attached to a lovely gift/quilt shop for browsing.

all in all, a lovely day off, with not too many new projects to go on with.

Oh, and my friends rescued a cat the other day, so on the way home we picked him up from the vet. poor guy is aged, was likely dumped from his home, and is in pretty rough shape. skinny skinny skinny, rough dry coat, dandruff…

but very sweet. not neutered either. (people. they make me SO angry sometimes.) He has a very aristocratic (read: prominent) nose, so his new name is Durante.

I have GREAT friends. people who don’t even think twice about taking in another stray.:hug: :heart: