So that's what was wrong

This is what I get for teaching myself to knit from books.

The other night my hubby decided he wanted me to teach him to knit. I showed him my way and he complained that it was terribly awkward. Well, poo on you, I thought, if you can find something better then do!

Then today I wandered on to the knitting videos and pulled up the Continental Method video on how to knit, watched for a few seconds, and realized that I had found a terribly awkward way to knit. I would have the yarn wrapped around my pinkie finger, then after I stuck the needle through, I’d pick the yarn up with my finger and thumb and wrap it around the needle. After I got a hang of doing if the video’s way, I realized how much more efficient it was. I’m knitting much faster now. Now the circulation doesn’t get cut off from my pinkie finger, either.

So I guess I’ll eat a little crow tonight.

Nothing wrong with a little crow. :zombie: I didn’t realize I was casting on WAY wrong until I watched Amy’s videos. oh, and I was purling really wrong. and I was doing the ktbl wrong. anyhooo:whistle:

I think we all have those moments. My first 3 projects were knit with the wrong cast on. I was watching the video’s for the long tail. But I just kept missing this ONE loop she went through. So the result was one knit loop and one loop that was almost like a yarn over. Except when I knit the row I always ended up doubling. So I learned alot about increasing and decreasing to even it out.

Then realized the problem had to be my cast on and studied that video sooo closely I Realized where I went wrong.

So ya, I am sure we have all been there at least once.