So stuck on raglan sleeve

I am trying to create a raglan sleeve shape on a baby cardigan - back piece. I am finding this part of the pattern difficult to understand.

It says:

Work 2 [30] rows dec 1 at each end as before in next and every foll 0 [2nd] row.

9 [21] sts.

Cast off rem 9 [21] sts.

I think that the numbers in the brackets are for the size I am making.

If this makes any sense to anyone - I would love some advice.

Thanks, and happy new year.


[size=2]edit - [color=violet]mod squad was here[/color][/size]

If you’re making the large size, your numbers are in the brackets.

What you are supposed to do is work 30 more rows. You will decrease in the manner you did before, every other row–so every right side, you’ll decrease–I imagine at the raglan edge as you work these 30 rows.

You’ll have 21 stitches left when you’re done with these decreases

Then you’ll bind off the 21 stitches.

Got it?