So Simple Toe-up Sockette

This was my first foray into toe-up knitting… so I may be wrong about what I see here.
The thing was simple enough (once I got some much needed help from this site, that is)… the problem for me came at the end of the sock… doing the heel…
I’d just finished knitting in the round on my dpns the length of the foot and was now going to do the heel.
[B]Shape Heel[/B]
You will now work back and forth on the 21 sts of St. St. (under foot)
1st row: P21, turn
2nd row: K20, wrap and turn
3rd row: P 19, wrap and turn.

The problem I had with my first sock was that, if I p21, I now have a ridge and the heel works inside out… purls on the outside, knits on the inside. However… with my 2nd sockette, I decided to change it to read… K21, turn… 2nd row: P20, w&t, etc.
This gave me the heel on the rs.
What I want to know…
Is the pattern flawed or is there something I didn’t do that I should have done in order for it to turn out right when, as the pattern says, I P21?
Pattern on Ravelry

Hopefully, this will come out so you can look at it.
Thanks very much… I finally finished my second sockette and am wearing them and love them. :slight_smile:
TEMA :knitting:

This is such a cute pattern, Tema. I hope we get to see your socks.
The marker should be after the stockinette stitches and before the rib stitches. That way, when you complete the round, you’ve just finished working the stockinette knits and you’re ready for a purl row.
Your solution is just fine and accomplishes the same thing.

Thanks, Salmonmac…
I love the sockettes but not sure I want to do this pattern any more. I have had such a time removing my temporary stitches that I actually knit the second sock 3X’s.
I’m not sure what is meant by slippery yarn… but the 3rd time was lucky as I managed to get it all out without fouling up my permanent stitches.
I also felt the socks took longer to knit than regular socks and were more complicated. I kept losing count and couldn’t figure out where I was in the add a st part or the subtract a st part. So I ended up counting the st’s out loud and hated to stop in the middle of either of those inc’s or dec’s as I couldnt’ figure out where I was if I did.
But… I love the sockettes! They fit perfectly and are quite stylish… so, it looks like I’ll be knitting at least another pair! Good grief! :shrug:
TEMA :thumbsup: