So Simple Toe-up Sockette

After much ado, I finally figured out what this pattern wanted me to do at the beg. of this sockette. To my surprise, it was a toe that I was knitting - my first, tho I have knit many socks, I’ve never done a toe-up… so I was pretty puffed that I now could do one…
My delight was short-lived when I came to the next step.
Here’s my problem…
I finished the ‘shape toe end’ bit and then came to ‘shape foot’.
Carefully remove waste yarn and place all the 21 sts of main colour on another dpn. So I did that.
You should now have 42 sts in all (which I did). Arrange the sts evenly on 3 needles (14, 14, 14)
Work now in rounds.
Then, it says…
Knit the 21 picked up sts from waste yarn, place marker. (p2,k3)5X.s p1.
Con’t to k21 & (p1, k3) 5Xs, p1 on the next 21 sts until work measures 2" less than… etc.
My problem… how do I divide the work onto 3 needles at 14 sts a needle and then knit the 21 picked up sts… they are already divided into 14 sts…
I may be crackers but this just doesn’t make any sense to me… am I missing something here?
I found the pattern on Ravellry… so I’m thinking it’s me… not the pattern…
In any case, guys… I’d be ever so grateful for any help… Thanks!
TEMA :frog: :hair:

You can divide the sts as indicated, 14 per needle. If the first 14sts of the 21 picked up sts starts the beginning of round, put a marker below that first stitch on needle 1 and then put a marker halfway along needle 2 (7 sts, marker, 7sts). Needle 3 will have 14 sts.
Once you have completed a couple of rounds, you’ll be able to see the pattern but the markers are still a good reminder.

Wow! So simple…! Not… but I get it now!
Thank you so much for your help, Salmonmac. I really felt stymied but you’ve made it all very clear what I have to do.
So kind of you to take the time.
I knew I could count on you…
:yay: :woot: :thumbsup: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

Hi Salmonmac… Just a little note to let you know that I am progressing with this sock. I have no idea why I waited so long to do toe up socks! :slight_smile:
You made it so nice and clear for me that my mode of knitting socks is now changing and I’ve knit oodles of socks!
I’m guessing, once I have this down pat, I will then be able to go to the next step of knitting two at a time… I hope so!
Hope you had a Great Christmas and will have a very blessed New Year!
Thank you so much!
TEMA :woot:

Delighted that you’re progressing along and I certainly hope we get to see photos of the socks. Good for you for trying something new and good luck with the two-at-a-time!
You are an adventurous knitter.