So sick I couldnt even knit!

I came down with the flu Monday night. After being with one group of people all day sunday and then an even larger group on Monday. Just call my Typhoid Suzie. Talk about miserable. Yesterday I was laying on the sofa moaning trying to get comfortable (I ached all over) and kept thinking I have that freaking baby afghan to finish by the 7th…I couldnt even get up to get it to work on. In hindsite, I realize I would have probably screwed it all up…

Starting to feel better today so hopefully will get going on it. I am about half done with it. It should be easy but I am fighitng the yarn - its that Red Heart Light n Lofty Baby clouds. Currently using needlemaster circulars - I need to try something else for a row or two.

Too sick to knit–that’s bad! Glad you’re on the mend. :heart:

Too sick to knit??? :verysad: Horrors!! (need a screaming emoticon) Hope you feel bettter soon.

Oh no…hope you feel better soon!

Get well soon!!! :sunny:

I switched the project to the Denises, and they are moving much more smoothly. It was getting stuck on the cord, I think!

Glad your feeling a little better today kitkat. Get better soon!! :heart:

Too sick to knit? Call the paramedics! Glad you’re feeling better. :wink: