So Sad!


Ugh! People can make me so sick sometimes!!

I just saw this video on CNN of a gorgeous little kitten that was being used as a “football” by a couple of teenagers. This beautiful baby is alive and well, but, she had to have a leg amputated. Apparently, the teenagers aren’t facing any consequences either :tap:

I didn’t watch the video because, based on your description, it’s just not something I want to see. Things like this just make me sick.

The video isn’t anything horrible, it will actually make you smile despite what happened. The video shows the kitten at the vet’s office and how well she is doing. It starts off with her purring her head off and just shows her walking around and the stitches where she had to have her leg amputated. The vet also talks about what happened and her progress. I was hesitant to watch the video at first because I thought it would be too hard to watch, but, it’s not.

Oh wow, it reminds me of my last cat, Socrates, when I first got him as a kitten.

I would say it’s hard to believe that people can be that cruel but I’ve been around enough to know they are.

That little guy is adorable!
And those kids? Future serial killers…

I hate hearing about people hurting animals :grrr: I just don’t understand how people can do such things. Its a control issue. These are the same kind of people who grow up to be spouse and/or child abusers!

I just don’t understand it…how people can be so cruel. And especially to children and animals…I mean I don’t believe it’s right to be cruel to anyone, but adults can, for the most part, take care of themselves. But animals and children! C’mon! I have absolutely no respect for anyone who can so casually intentionally cause harm to animals and children.

I’ve read enough true crime books to know that in many cases people who do those types of things were abused as children, and, I can go as far as having sympathy for the abused child they WERE, but, not for the abusive adults they became. Everyone has a choice and they can choose not to follow the same path their caregivers did; they can choose to be a better person. I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do, but, there is nothing forcing them to be abusive.

The people who did this to that poor kitten deserve some form of punishment. I don’t know if they know exactly who it was, but, there needs to be an investigation and some form of punishment handed down, IMHO.

I’d have to watch it again (later) but I believe the vet said the kitten was only a few weeks old? UGH. Doing anything to hurt ANY animal is bad enough, but to a baby kitten? It’s disgusting! Thankfully Polly Pocket seems to be coming along nicely.

They need to be kicked around like a football.

What is sad is that is there anything that will penetrate their (obviously) pea-sized brains? Put them to work at an animal shelter where, if the pets aren’t adopted, they are put to sleep? I know I personally can’t stand the thought of that, and our county animal shelter does that. Don’t get me wrong, they do everything they can to find new homes for the animals, but they’re small, understaffed, and can only do so much. They do keep them as long as possible, until space runs out. They also have people from the group homes come and and play with the animals to keep them socialized…but still, there are those who’s time runs out. It haunts me to think about it. I’ve adopted from the shelter, but while I’m happy with the animals I’ve brought home, in the back of my eye are the ones I had to leave behind.

But, would this even phase these people? Or does the thought of an animal being killed simply because he got too big/the kids don’t have time for him anymore/he’s older and has more problems than “I” care to deal with/etc. not bother them at all???

I know if I was in charge of the whole thing, I’d throw the book (and a huge one, at that) at them.

There is something seriously…on a very deep level seriously…wrong with people who are cruel to animals.

What I don’t understand is why no consequences? Around here people are getting arrested and doing jail time for animal cruelty.

And it is about damn time!

That makes me very sick to the stomach… I could not imagine hurting an animal like that. A few years ago when my cat Ashes got shot in the face, it was like a tragedy in my family. We couldn’t prosecute anyone since there was hardly any evidence or any eye witnesses. I have so much sympathy for the little kitten, but as for the people who have done this, they deserve a punishment.

I’m just hoping there will be enough outrage over this for something to happen to the people who did this. They should NOT be allowed to just get away with it!

I honestly don’t see how anyone could harm a helpless little kitten. People like that ought to be hung up by their fingernails.

Or maybe another body part. :waah: Animals are so helpless sometimes. Too bad this little kitten did not have some tiger teeth.